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Brooks Art

Art courses, tuition and exhibition space

The old Victorian school house in Brooks =, Mid Wales, provides workshop and gallery space for artists and students to make, study and exhibit work in any media and learn at all levels, and we tailor tuition and exhibition space to individual needs . Brooks Art is based on an atelier model, which allows students to work alongside and learn from professional artists.

Brooks' beautiful rural location provides a rich source of ideas, images, sounds and materials which may be explored, played with or analysed. However we are not 'Ruralists' and are happy to critique notions of the pastoral idyll! All art practice and teaching at Brooks springs from drawing - in it's broadest sense - but ideas can be developed into sculpture, painting, photography, collage, installation or printmaking.

As practicing artists we continue to show work nationally and internationally and are involved in arts initiatives and consultancy to education and business organisations and individuals. At Brooks Art we aim to assist and advise you, individually or in groups, in creating or furthering your career as a creative person, whether that means exhibiting, teaching, initiating or being involved in public or community projects, putting together a portfolio for application to art college, or simply developing your practice.

If you would like to learn more please email or call us on 01686 640 879 and we can discuss the best way for you to make use of our space, experience and creative spirit.

We provide seasonally based and themed courses for between six and ten students at any one time, and evening, weekend and week long courses are available according to demand.


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